Imagine a rock star, who is famous the world over for his awesome guitar playing. Now imagine if his roadies stopped tuning his guitar. He might sound passable for the first couple of concerts. Soon the fans would begin noticing something sounded off. But after ten or so concerts, the rock star’s guitar would sound so miserable that he would get booed off stage before he could finish his first set.

Your home’s HVAC system is no different. It doesn’t require quite as frequent tuning as a guitar, but without regular maintenance at least once a year it risks becoming noisy, significantly less efficient, and far more likely to require costly repairs. Here are five reasons why you should schedule an HVAC tune-up in Sioux Falls, SD today!


  1. A Tune-up Prepares Your HVAC System for Summer or Winter

Your HVAC system has probably lain mostly dormant during the stretch of pleasant weather leading up to summer or winter. Several things may have happened to it while it was not in use. Mice and other pests may have taken up residence in your HVAC system during that time. Dust has most likely settled on its sensitive components; other components may have deteriorated through lack of use. An HVAC technician will detect any of these problems and set them straight before hot or cold weather makes you experience them the hard way!


  1. A Tune-up Enhances Your HVAC System’s Efficiency

Your HVAC system comprises many separate parts. If any one of those parts becomes damaged or partially detached from its neighbors, the whole system becomes less efficient as the result. Lower efficiency doesn’t just mean higher electricity bills. It also accelerates wear and tear on otherwise correctly functioning parts, and makes the HVAC system less effective at heating and cooling your home. In short, a tune-up will save you money on electricity and future repairs while keeping you more comfortable in your home.


  1. A Tune-up Reduces Your HVAC System’s Risk of Breaking Down

Scheduling regular tune-ups greatly reduces the chance of your HVAC system breaking down when it has to work its hardest. As you might already suspect, HVAC systems break down most frequently during the hottest days of summer and the coldest days of winter. Not coincidentally, those summer and winter days are exactly when HVAC technicians are most busy. That is why scheduling a tune-up during spring or autumn can save you from waiting longer times and paying higher prices for repairs!


  1. An HVAC Tune-up Will Save You Money

The Environmental Protection Agency doesn’t solely advise regular HVAC maintenance because it reduces the occurrence of dust, pollen, mold and mildew that could exacerbate asthma symptoms and have other adverse health effects. A tune-up which tightens your HVAC system’s electrical connections, lubricates its moving parts, and cleans its most sensitive areas will cause it to use considerably less electricity. You benefit by saving more money; Mother Earth benefits when we use up less power.

But an HVAC system tune-up will save you even more money by helping you avoid costly repairs. Oftentimes the technician will detect a minor problem. If that problem is fixed right on the spot, its cost is nearly negligible. But if it progresses to a point where the part breaks altogether – and worse yet, breaks surrounding parts – that once negligible repair becomes far more extensive.

It is impossible to predict the lifespan of an HVAC system with absolute certainty. A well-maintained system should last between 10 and 20 years; a poorly maintained one will last much shorter. In effect, scheduling regular HVAC tune-ups will help you postpone or possibly even avoid replacing your furnace or air conditioner altogether. Considering how much those machines cost compared to the price of simple maintenance, the money-saving power of routine tune-ups speaks for itself!


  1. An HVAC Tune-up Will Keep You Safer

We already touched on how an HVAC tune-up will reduce your exposure to airborne contaminants. But it can keep you even safer by greatly reducing the risk of a house fire! Air conditioning units cause an average of 2,300 fires in residential structures annually. Heating equipment starts over 40,000 fires in American homes every year as well. To be certain, HVAC tune-ups could not have prevented all of these tragedies, but there is no way of telling how many lives could have been spared had technicians only detected failing electrical components before it was too late.


It may seem dramatic, but an HVAC tune-up may very well save your life!

Do you need an HVAC professional in the greater Sioux Falls, SD area? Then we welcome you to contact our team at Haugan Heating and Air Conditioning today! We’re standing by to give you a quick, affordable and comprehensive HVAC system tune-up, as well as perform any other maintenance, repairs and installation you could possibly need to remain comfortable, save money and stay safe all year long!