Sheet metal’s strength, durability and versatility make it an incredibly useful construction material. It is used to make flashing which prevents water from permeating roofing and siding. It is used to make long-lasting yet cost-effective roofing. It is used to make gorgeous ceilings and wall panels as well.

But for all its applications, we believe sheet metal is most useful for creating custom ductwork for residential and commercial HVAC systems!


Sheet Metal Is Perfect for Custom Ductwork

Why does Haugan Heating & Air Conditioning use sheet metal to fabricate custom ductwork, exactly?

  • Full customizability – With the exception of cookie-cutter homes, no two buildings share identical HVAC systems. Ductwork that fits perfectly in one property could prove completely impractical in another. Only custom sheet metal ductwork can perfectly conform to an existing home or business’s floor plan, as well as feature the seamless joining and shaping which prevent wasteful duct leaks.
  • Greater efficiency – Custom sheet metal ductwork doesn’t merely enhance energy efficiency by eliminating gaps air can escape through. It also allows warm and cool air to circulate throughout the property with minimal twists and turns. In effect, a furnace’s blower will have less work to do, minimizing its energy consumption and maximizing its lifespan as a result.
  • Easier maintenance – PVC and fiberboard can both be used to make serviceable ductwork. But these materials have a tendency to sag over time, and may become worse for wear as a result of regular duct cleaning. Sheet metal, which is far more rigid, withstands the rigors of regular cleaning without deformation. And when it has been custom tailored to a property, it contains far fewer crevices that can trap dust.
  • Versatility – Ceiling boxes. Reducers. Wyes. Finding all the prefabricated components required to create efficient and long-lasting ductwork can prove difficult. Sheet metal does away with this issue altogether, as it allows you to make each component from scratch and to the exact specs you need. 

How Is Custom Sheet Metal Ductwork Fabricated?

Several sheet metal thicknesses are suitable for ductwork. Generally speaking, any gauge higher than 27 (i.e. thicker than 0.017″) is acceptable. 

Once the appropriate gauge for a project is selected, the metal is formed into the desired shape via rolling, bending, stamping and stretching. It is then cut to the exact length required by the ductwork plan. Different cutting methods are available; our team prefers the unerring precision of our CNC plasma cutting table.

Once the components have been formed and cut, they are joined together via welding, rivets and flanges. Folding and tab joints may also be used to fit different components together as well. The end result is highly satisfying: ductwork which couldn’t be better suited for the very property it was created for.


We Fabricate High-Quality Ductwork

Would you like the longest-lasting, lowest-maintenance and most energy-efficient ductwork your money can buy? Then we welcome you to contact Haugan Heating & Air Conditioning today! Our in-house sheet metal fabrication shop enables us to create the ideal ductwork for any residential or commercial property. Whether you’re building a new property, replacing existing ductwork, or simply repairing one or two worn out sections of ductwork, we’re standing by to deliver the superior sheet metal solution!