You’ve got a lot riding on your commercial HVAC system. Needless to say, you want it to heat and cool your commercial property reliably. Keeping your employees and clients comfortable is indispensable to success, and preventing frozen pipes and mold colonization is essential to preserving your bottom line.

But a great commercial HVAC system won’t just increase profitability by keeping your guests happy and preventing property damage. It will also minimize the amount you have to spend on utility bills – and that’s where energy efficiency comes into play. Here’s what you can do to keep your furnace and air conditioner humming along with the least possible need for gas and electricity.


Evaluate Energy Needs

You can’t go into commercial HVAC system optimization blind. Begin by conducting a comprehensive energy audit with the aid of a commercial HVAC specialist, who will determine the condition and overall efficiency of your existing equipment. That will allow you to zero in on problem areas that are sapping efficiency the worst and prioritize fixing them.


Upgrade Ventilation System  

You could theoretically install the highest-efficiency furnace and air conditioner on the planet and still wind up wasting thousands on heating and cooling costs. That’s because HVAC appliances can’t do their jobs on their own. They need effective ventilation to achieve peak efficiency.

If your commercial property’s ventilation ducts are leaky, inadequately insulated, or designed in such a way that prohibits efficient air flow, then they are necessarily exerting needless strain on your HVAC system. Repairing your existing ventilation system can achieve desirable results, but oftentimes a complete upgrade is required to achieve the best ROI on utility bills.


Upgrade Insulation

If you’re doing all you can to promote greater HVAC energy efficiency, then you can’t overlook the fundamental importance of insulation. It is essential to preventing heat from escaping during winter and coolth from escaping during summer, which is why it can have such a dramatic impact on any commercial property’s energy usage.

Minimizing heat transfer and air leakage demands regular inspection of insulation and the thermal envelope it is intended to create. Until you have upgraded your insulation so it satisfies regional guidelines, you’ll waste money and most likely wind up having to hire a furnace contractor more often than necessary.

And don’t forget: your commercial property’s doors and windows are integral components of its envelope. Upgrading to models that prevent air leaks and heat loss will very quickly pay for itself.


Upgrade HVAC System

Naturally, your HVAC appliances play an enormous role in the efficiency of the system they’re central to. Years of constant operation will gradually wear down even the highest-quality furnace or air conditioner until it performs less efficiently than a low-quality contemporary unit. Haugan Heating & Air Conditioning may provide all the furnace repair Sioux Falls business owners need, but our technicians can’t magically restore an old, outdated unit until it performs like brand new again.

Newer HVAC systems include features that promote energy efficiency in ways which previously weren’t possible. For example, thanks to the advent of inexpensive sensors and computers, it’s now possible for HVAC systems to exclusively heat and cool rooms only when they’re in use. A state-of-the-art system will also “learn” when certain rooms are typically used so it can preemptively heat or cool them, and even keep track of the weather so it can adjust its operation accordingly.


Schedule Regular HVAC Maintenance

Every mechanical system produces heat and friction during the course of its normal operation. These forces have deleterious effects on every moving part, and will cause them to become increasingly inefficient before breaking them altogether.

In addition to reducing the costs of necessary repairs, regular HVAC maintenance greatly enhances energy efficiency. It ensures that each part is functioning correctly – or replaced before it has the chance to accelerate wear and tear on every other interconnected part in the system. 


Haugan Heating & Air Conditioning offers much more than the air conditioner and furnace parts Sioux Falls business owners require in order to save money long-term. Our technicians possess all the experience they need to discern when energy efficiency is suboptimal, and recommend solutions that help keep our clients in the black. If you have any reason to suspect your commercial HVAC system is performing poorly, then we welcome you to contact us today!