It isn’t possible to overestimate the importance of commercial HVAC maintenance. It decreases the risk of costly repairs popping up. It appreciably extends the lifespan of valuable machinery. It improves the HVAC system’s energy efficiency, just like it enhances the quality of the air within the commercial property. In other words, commercial HVAC maintenance will save you money in three different ways while simultaneously helping you, your staff and your guests breathe more comfortably.

When it is done correctly, regular HVAC maintenance includes several actions that should be undertaken each spring. Here is what you should do to ensure your HVAC system is prepared to keep you dry and comfortable all summer long!


Clean Condenser Unit’s Coils and Fins

In simple terms, the function of an air conditioner’s condenser is to remove heat from indoor air. The unit’s evaporator coil sucks heat and moisture from the indoor air; its condenser coil transports the same to the outdoors where it can’t make anyone uncomfortable. The unit’s fins help to dissipate the heat more efficiently. When these sensitive components are coated in dirt, dust or other debris, they require more energy to move less heat and humidity outside.

Cleaning the condenser’s coils and fins is straightforward enough: turn the unit off, gently brush away debris, apply a specialized cleaning product to remove caked on oil and grime, give everything a thorough rinse, allow everything to dry off, and finally turn the power back on.


Change Air Filter

Your HVAC system’s filter doesn’t just remove dust, pollen, mold spores and other fine particles from the air before you can inhale them. It also prevents them from accumulating within the system’s mechanical components, where it will render them less effective while simultaneously accelerating their wear and tear.

Regularly replacing its air filter is the easiest way to promote more efficient HVAC operation. You would ideally replace commercial HVAC filters quarterly. The firsts of January, April, July and October are good filter replacement intervals, although there is no downside to more frequent replacement (aside from paying for more filters).


Inspect Ductwork

Your HVAC system uses its ducts to transport warm and cool air throughout your commercial property. The more leaks ductwork contains, the less efficiently your HVAC unit can achieve its purpose. You can potentially waste thousands of dollars on heating and cooling bills if your ducts are leaky enough!

Spring HVAC maintenance should always include a thorough ductwork inspection. It will reveal any seams, holes, or corroded areas that allow cool or warm air to escape. When they are small enough, leaks can be mended easily enough with duct tape. But when ducts have lost sufficient integrity, their replacement becomes the more cost-effective solution.


Test Thermostat

A commercial HVAC system’s thermostat serves the same function as the one inside your home. It measures ambient temperature, and activates the HVAC system when that temperature exceeds or falls beneath a set threshold.

Thermostats tend to become less accurate as they age. When they are poorly placed, they reduce overall comfort and efficiency by failing to transmit accurate readings to the HVAC unit. If it isn’t hardwired to the electrical system, a thermostat will cease to function altogether once its battery runs out. All of these potential issues are revealed by routine thermostat testing. If your current thermostat’s performance is no longer optimal, you may replace it with a programmable or smart model that will significantly reduce energy usage over the coming years.


Contact a Commercial HVAC Technician

An HVAC technician isn’t just your ally when your furnace or air conditioner breaks. They are also of great service if you would rather avoid the inconvenience and interruption that follow a commercial HVAC system failure. While condenser cleaning, air filter replacement, ductwork inspection and thermostat testing are far from the most technical aspects of their job, an HVAC technician can make short and certain work of those important maintenance tasks.

If you own or manage a restaurant, bank, retail center, or any other commercial property in the greater Sioux Falls, SD area, then we welcome you to contact Haugan Heating & Air Conditioning today. We’ll ensure that your HVAC system is up to the challenge that the coming warm months will present, as well as take care of any other residential or commercial HVAC installation, repair and maintenance needs you might have!