Why do we love commercial HVAC here at Haugan Heating & Air Conditioning? It’s not just because we love big contracts. It’s not just because installing large appliances is fun and challenging. It’s not just because we take pride in supporting the same Sioux Falls area business community that we’re so grateful to be a part of, either. 

We love commercial HVAC because it puts our skills and talents to great use all over the map. Restaurants. Hotels. Offices. Hospitals. Retail centers. Warehouses. These are just a fraction of the businesses and other important public buildings that cannot do without reliable heating and cooling. 

The stakes are often enormous when it comes to commercial projects. Knowing that neighboring businesses place so much trust in us is emboldening. Providing them with first-rate results feels intensely rewarding.

We recently had the honor of taking on two very large and important projects here in Sioux Falls. We are confident that both newly opened businesses will improve our community in many ways – and not just because they’ll always be properly heated and air conditioned.


Impact Sports Center

Athletics are one of the Midwest’s greatest values. Unfortunately, many types of athletics aren’t always compatible with the Midwest’s temperamental weather. 

That’s why we’re glad Impact Sports Center came to town. Sioux Falls’ premier sports facility encompasses 40,000 square feet of indoor sports. It can be configured to offer multiple basketball courts, five full-size volleyball courts, or about 15 pickleball courts. Its south side alone contains 10,000 square feet of open turf, with batting cages and hitting equipment right alongside it. We’re sure that future Twins rosters will have more than a few players who grew up at Impact Sports Center.

A business like Impact Sports Center puts all of an HVAC technician’s abilities to the test. An indoor sports center without heat is pointless. Without AC, its unoccupiable. And if its ventilation ducts aren’t efficient, durable and quiet, no one will be happy. We’d like to thank Impact Sports Center owners Jason Wolthuizen and Chad Yde for entrusting such an important part of their new enterprise to our team!


The Parkwood

The Parkwood has introduced a new kind of senior living experience to Sioux Falls: one that combines best-in-class services and amenities with fully independent living in a quiet residential setting. It is called active-adult living, and it surrounds seniors with opportunities to form social connections, enhance their independence, and above all else have fun for the rest of their lives.

We’ve seen every inch of The Parkwood, and it is gorgeous: luxurious private apartments surrounded by on-site amenities including a full-service salon, library, fitness studio, movie theater, club room and game room, with outdoor courtyards, walking paths and dog parks. Hear that? Even Fido can enjoy a happy retirement at The Parkwood.

We can’t overstate the importance of reliable heating and cooling at a senior living community. It’s funny to joke about how often seniors complain of feeling too hot or too cold, when in reality our bodies do have more difficulty thermoregulating as we age. It gets even more serious when you consider that extreme temperatures put seniors at greater risk. Hyperthermia and hypothermia are both known killers of seniors in assisted living. 

We were quite aware that lives could depend on our work while we were designing and installing the HVAC system at The Parkwood. As always, we delivered the results we could feel proudest about, and are confident that everyone will feel comfortable and safe living in Sioux Falls’ revolutionary new senior living community.


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